Beer mats - Eurovilt.

Europe's number 1 manufacturer of beermats
Leave a lasting impression!
of your product, venue or event on your customers with Paperboard Coasters. These coasters are highly absorbant and print your logo and photo quality images perfectly.
For advertising your beverage, venue, or event, these coasters are attractively priced in quantities suitable for brewpubs, microbreweries and the individual. Thought provoking, eye-catching and informative.
Use coasters to make that special impression on your target audience!

EuroVilt is manufacturer of high quality beermats, printed on 3 ply European Beer Board, to assure they will stay flat longer on a damp table. The printing process for all our beermats is offset printing. Finest tone shadings, based on a 120 screen, with up to seven colors, being printed in one pass.
There is no limit to the range of sizes, with virtually any size being produceable.
The minimum quantity for standard sizes is 90x90 mm (3.5" x 3.5") and round 95 mm ( 3.9" ) is only 50. Special sizes and shapes (free design) can be produced from a minimum quantity of 5.000.
Advertise your business or service.